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How it’s Truly Made

I watched ‘How it’s Made’ on the Discovery Channel. It is a series that documents how things are manufactured. On this episode, the factory manufactured some products and passed them through Quality Control. The products were put through rigorous tests involving heat and pressure. Every product that failed the QC was taken and destroyed, but products that passed where moved out of the factory to the shop.

Life is like that. God made all of us, but before we are taken to His Kingdom, He sends us to Quality Control, (AKA earth) where we are put through heat and pressure to see if we would break under the pressure from the prince of this world and conform or do we maintain our Manufacturer’s integrity and be transformed. “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come”-Hebrews 13:14.

The choice is ours.

Reno Omokri is the founder of the Mind of Christ Christian Center and author of Shunpiking: No Shortcuts to God, and the new book Why Jesus Wept available from Barnes and Noble, amazon and other fine book stores.

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