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There is a world that is more real than the physical world.

slider2There is a world that is more real than the physical world. Take writings for instance. Your old letters are yellowing and getting tattered but all your emails from even the 1990s are stored up in cyber space and have not and will never age. The reason being that whatever you can handle in a material form has little eternal value. You can handle a letter physically but you cannot handle an email p…hysically unless it is printed and once it is printed it begins to age like a letter. So, when you go to church and your fancy is tickled by promises of prosperity, material blessings and financial breakthroughs but you are not convicted of sin or exhorted to improve your character and die to the flesh, know that the only thing you can take with you when you depart this world is your character. You will leave material things behind and they will rot, rust and decay. So you choose today whether to focus on the material or the eternal.


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