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The Fuse for God’s Power Surge

pic4People sometimes ask, if it is true that the God of The Bible is the same yesterday today and forever, how come that in the Old Testament His judgment was immediate and lethal but in this day and age He has become slow to anger. The answer is that God has never and will never change. In the Old Testament, there was nothing to hold back His anger, so it manifested a lot. But in the New Testament, we have Jesus His Son who died as a propitiation for our sins. Jesus holds back the judgment of God. It’s rather like how old appliances behaved in the 70s and 80s. In those times manufactures hardly out fuses in appliances like TVs, Fridges and ACs. As such when there was a power surge the appliances were destroyed. But from the 90s, manufacturers started putting fuses in all devices, as such, even where there is a power surge the devices can withstand it. Jesus is the fuse that helps us withstand the power surge of God’s judgment. Thank God for Jesus!


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