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Catch The Vision and Not Division

If you don’t catch The Vision that God planned for you, satan will give you Division as his plan for you. So begin today to “write the vision, and make it plain”-Habakkuk 2:2. Don’t think you can keep it in your head. You will forget it. Don’t think you can confide it to a friend without writing it first. He will implement it as his idea, after all God is also his Father. Write down your ideas. Make them tangible. What is keeping you from the success you so desire is not lack of money or talent. It is lack of vision. Money follows vision, not vice versa. That is why you have venture capitalists looking for visionaries to fund. “Where there is no vision, the people perish”-Proverbs 29:18.

Reno Omokri is the founder of the Mind of Christ Christian Center in California, author of Shunpiking: No Shortcuts to God and Why Jesus Wept and the host of Transformation with Reno Omokri (Monday at 12am on San Francisco’s KTLN, Chanel 25 on Comcast).



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